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ADDCN Achievements in Energy and Environment sector

The following achievement has been in energy and environment sector made up to now

  • Established Natural Resource Energy and Environment Unit (NaREE)
  • Prepared Decentralized Energy Planning Guidelines
  • Established District Energy Network (DNET) and worked as a secretary of this network
  • Prepared the Operational Guideline for DNET
  • Established network with different agencies
  • Organized orientations workshops seminars related to energy and environment.
  • Supported DDCs through orientation, review meeting and sharing informative materials
  • Other contributions like news and literature in ADDCN Publication
  • Compiled and published Success Story (Seven Issues) in the field of Natural Resource Energy and Environment
  • Prepared Poster to promote RE (two poster)
  • Comment on the reports as requested by different agencies
  • Participated different National Workshops, interactions, discussions and provide feedbacks in favor of Local            Government.
  • Support DDCs through orientation, review meeting and sharing informative materials
  • Establishing ADDCN as a resource center for Natural Resource and Energy and Environment
  • Representing in different forum related to (natural resource, energy and environment) as a institutional member (like RERL (PMC), REP (PSC), Task Force on Energy Planning (WECS/UNSCAP), Central Revenue Sharing Committee (MLD), Local Government revenue Committee (MLD) etc)
  • Lobby and advocacy in different forum in favor of Local Government of Nepal
  • ADDCN is playing active role on Steering/Management/Advisory committee (REP, RERL, Community Environmental Awareness and Management Project, Central Revenue Sharing Committee, Forestry Coordination Committee etc)
  • Organized “National Conference on Rural Energy Development in Nepal”
  • Made Memorandum of understanding between ADDCN & front line of private sector (FNCCI) for the promotion of rural energy.
  • Organized In-house seminar for the promotion of Rural Energy at Local level
  • Formed new working committee of District Energy Network (DENET) and worked as a secretary of this network
  • Established network with different agencies and Provided feedback on the reports as requested by different agencies
  • Established ADDCN as a resource center for Natural Resource and Energy and Environment
  • Declaration & disseminated 13 points “Lalitpur Declaration 2009” through National conference on Rural Energy Development in Nepal and other means of Publication.
  • Organized two regional workshops on rural energy promotion
  • Regularly publishing Energy and Environment e-bulletin

NaREE unit Activities related to Energy and Environment 2011
SN Description
1 Output 1:-Capacity Development of DCCs on RET, RE Policy, RE contempory Issues
1.1 Activity 1:-Interaction programme on rural energy, RE GoN subsidy policy & DDC role to promote RE
1.2 Activity 2:-Conduct inhouse meeting on rural energy dissemination strategy
1.3 Purchase of demonstration model/accesssary/tools (RE technologies)  for orientation programme and maintanance the same 
2 Output 2:-Information sharing to member DDCs on rural energy
2.1 Activity1:-Information sharing to  member DDCs on RETs through internet by updated website
2.2 Activity 2:-Success story compilation, Publication and  dissemination (on the occasion of environment day)
3 Output 3:-Support DDC planning/budgeting on Rural Energy
3.1 Activity 1:- Participate in District  councils or   meets with REES/DDCs offices to encourage DDC to allocate or mobilise DDC fund to Rural Energy Development  
4 Output:-4 Finalised of operating guidelines for DEES/DEEU, orient DDCs
4.1 Activity 1:- Finalised operating guidelines
5 Output:-5 National Level/Regional Level WS to promote rural energy
5.1 Activity 2:- Organize Regional rural energy promotional workshop 
6 Output 6:-Establishment of Energy Network at District Level and central level
6.1 Activity 1:-Conduct District Energy Network (DENET) meeting
6.2 Activity 2:-Reward to member DDCs to encourage on rural energy
7 Output 7:-Capacity building of Naree Expert
7.1 Activity 1:- Participate National/International training cum workshop/meeting/ etc
8 Output 8:-Institutional support to NaREE unit
8.1 Activity 1:-Lobby, advocacy and networking on energy and environment in favour to Local Government in different forums as a representative (Workshop, Training, interaction, Discussion etc both national and international as required ) in this fiscal year.
8.2 Activity 2:-Technical support & backstopping  to renewable energy programmes of AEPC central and district level(REP,ESAP-II,RERL and other as required)
8.3 Activity 3:- Prepare, publish and disseminate different news and literatures related to energy and environment in Energy and Environment bulletin and ADDCN publication 
8.4 Activity 4:- Lobby to establish central rural energy coordination committee
8.5 Activity 5:- Lobby to establish central rural energy fund
8.6 Activity 6:- Attain different meeting, forum, interaction organised by GON (MoEnvir. MoH, MoLD, MoF, MoEnergy, MoPP etc) INGOs, NGOs, Donors etc)
8.7 Collection and Purchase different documents related to natural resource energy and environment
9 Mid and final report writing, photo copy, CD etc (to RERL and AEPC)


Future Plan

Depending upon the fund availability, NaREE unit has planned the following major activities for next two years. 

  • Preparation of District Energy Perspective plan  Guidelines
  • Interaction on operational guideline for implementation at the district level.
  • Participate different training programme related to the energy and environment sector.
  • Biofuel promotion through local government
  • Support capacity development (orientation, follow-up, internalization) member DDCs for community mobilization for sustainable rural energy development, Orient member DDCs and line agencies staff on renewable energy, environment management.
  • Provide advisory services to DDCs integrating Natural resources, energy and environment in District Development Plans.
  • Publishes and disseminate best practices case studies in natural resource management.
  • Facilitate to establishment of Rural Energy Technology Demonstration Center
  • Equip ADDCN/NaREE unit with all necessary logistic support
  • Documentation of Acts, Rules and Statistics books on energy and environment
  • Provide feedback/comments on policies and guidelines as frequently asked by different agencies.
  • Organise ‘Regionl rual energy conference’ at  central and different  parts  of Nepal

Major Challenges/Issues

  • Absence of elected representatives in local Government.
  • Adequate evaluation and monitoring to the District level activities (limited resource-Financial+human resource)
  • Sustainability of the NaREE unit.
  • Lack of program and operational fund




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